Thursday, September 8, 2016

The New Born

The New Born

There is pride of strength,
Significance of patience in time's length,
There is an unrivaled joy in conquering,
Mastery of history and excellence authoring

Hearts endure the silent independence
Then Faces pay the fine of audacity and disgrace
Eyes grasp the jading complaints of shame,
Souls wear the comfortless fearlessness of blame

The power of solitude and its dreadful insight
O, dear friend! Here is the self-sufficing delight

Why fight to live if we only live to die?
Why is the first sign of a human life a cry?
Diversity of nature remains reflected in every life
Dispersed like sands on the beach
As heavens spread before us beyond reach

A new of a new born,
A symbol of deserves a crown
Worthy of great poets' rhymes
So mighty, too gorgeous, and so prime
Too great to be cited in simple verses

This sperm's determination merits deep respect
We shall avail every possible help,
And guide him through this life.
Because he is the living symbol of triumph

We, early comers, shall stand and welcome the late one
With joy and pride, for he has battled and won
He has conquered millions to live and weight our eyes
The sun has risen to blot the sky, ---our skies

A dream that survives the light of day is a reality

Let's help him...
Care for him...sustain the dream
Assist him create the needs, and fulfill aspirations.
Generate the driving force of purposes and determinations
Serve him to meet fantasies of nations, and of humankind
This potential savior of our planet, is the eyes of the blind
He is the miracle that shapes the universe
He is the new born.

~~ @Billdove7

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Self on Focus

Self on Focus

"It doesn't mean if you ignore me, I do not exist. I am a complete man; an inexorable mind filled with possibilities and determination. I am a spirit which took flesh to overcome because I am a dream bearing heart and a goal bearing soul. I might hidden on your sight and forgotten by you, but it shall matter less. For I am a mighty soul that can." ~~ @Billldove7

A man is a shining star. 
His mind is the light which shines his way from afar. 
He is guilty and innocent in his own way. 
He takes responsibility for his conscious acts
There he'd deny the unconscious ones: his unaware perception. 

But he is a whole unity: mind, soul and body, otherwise 
He is simply a body with a name or a named primate. 
He perceives, denies and imagines. His pride

However, he accepts, constructs, develops day by day. 
He shall be satisfied with the new mindset leading the day. 
In nature, he would retreat and reflect
There he'd ponder over subjects
Subjects of great interest and also of less
"To work my organs, atoms and attributes",
He would command them, all in to better the self
He trusts and believes

But for three things he would be wrong.

1. He always believes that tomorrow will be better even if the present evidence fails to prove. To him, the universe is evil when things do not turn out as he had hoped. But the fact is that the universe is simply indifferent.

2.  He thinks he has full control over his own life and also believes to have a major share of say in the ones of his subordinates.

3.  He constantly believes that he can do better even if his best act or attempt fails to suggest otherwise in satisfying the world or even himself.

But above all, one thing is certain and for that I am sure. No matter what you think you are, you are always more than that. There are no mistakes but only feedback. Simply stand up, live and learn, then educate others. For 'YOU' are the last survival grip. The driver in the guilt trip. The first and last second of your own winning thought. You are the self-doubt in every decision you make. You are the author of your happiness and wraith. But you are the one who stays with YOU until the very end. Regardless of your gender, YOU are a mighty soul that can.

~~ @Billdove7

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Undressed

The Undressed

Why, why, why, why, why? Surely why?
Why would you want to make me cry?
Why causing me so intense pain?
I am going insane
I am losing my mind
I would rather die

I once lived in a little world
Clouds would never twist,
Nor winds to whirl
Lived as the subject and the president
My laws. The only inhabitant

The ambassador of my thoughts
The attorney and judge at my own court
Biased or not; could not care. My justice
I was the only negotiator, a man fully fearless

Destiny brought me to you, using an unforgettable moment,
The bright instant of my existence,
The day my sun appeared so effulgent.
Cannot erase the day I made your acquaintance

But now, I am treated like water
Although needed, and used to cleanse clothes
Unwanted it remains. Call made for the drier
A little stubbornness, the iron is invited
All done to dry me up as if to praise hatred
And to make me feel unloved and unwanted

Why have you become my oppressor?
Why can you not be a good partner?
Why am I the only one trying to keep us together?
What's missing in me that I am shattered?

My heart is broken into a million pieces
My mind is visiting rough places
Eyes dry but heart soaked in tears of thousands seas
I keep coming back like hit by amnesic disease

You were the first to dress me in a love-suit
Today you find pleasure to strip me from it
You are still the only one I think of every single minute
Your love has been my greatest parachute

I wish you were not the best,
The best I ever had
If you were not, I would have enjoyed the rest
And would not have felt this sad
Still, I cannot let go until you tell me 'It's Over'.

If something hurts me more than losing you,
It's knowing you're not fighting to keep me
And now, it is almost our anniversary
Come back to 'me and you'
Please do not forget the fourteen of February

This pain drills a huge hole in my soul
I have love you with my all.
Here alone, bereaved. I will surely die
But before I trip into the depths of the tomb,
Cut my ring finger and come take your love-costume
And I would not have any desire to love or wed
Love or wed in the land of the dead
Fear to contaminate this disease: Love

I am here falling again,
Please, I do not want to miss your catch
It is not easy to explain
I am just missing you so much

Come, cover me, dress me with your love-suit again
I am here waiting. <3

~~ @Billdove7

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The road of solitude

"When I access wisdom, when I encounter every natural knowledge; pain is gone, sorrow is not there. I become the residence of freedom. This is the establishment of the permanent relation with the self." ~~ +Bill Dove 

From my early days, my innocent young years,
My spirit was sustained in every change of my growth
Times of mute dialogues with my mother's prime love
Yet difficult is the path awaiting before me

Fear broke in. Sought for tiger's legs, lion's roar, or eagle's wings
To run, hunt, scare, rule  and fly
Survival fight: win to live or lose and die
But progress made, target set and mindset changed
Still troubles found ways into my young mind
From unknown causes, they all came
But dear my integrity I beheld. Matter of time

Irreplaceable communions with friends
The young hearts' genuine joys are to never change
Lessons learned as in time alone I stood
The props of my endurance were removed
Friends and family, together they all departed
But my mind's fitness claimed highness. It unfolded.

Everything is transitional. Nothing lasts forever.
The essence of time is essential. The real power
Stand tall and fight. Alone or in a crew
Conspire with your mind in wisdom. Be you.
Stand up and live this life

~~ +Bill Dove 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Loved in time

Loved in time

"He neither cheats nor flirts with other women, because he's too busy finding new ways of offering a never-ending happiness to her. That explains why he automatically smiles every time he sees me."  ~~ +Bill Dove 

Eternity is everybody’s origin,
It lent us to time.

In time, came darkness in my days.
In depths of oceans I drowned confined
From dark depths I detected sunshine
Dragged out by the beautiful sun rays

A rescue that gleamed my faded face
Wide open arms offered a warm embrace
Like a resurrected, I felt alive
For ever I'll fight to share with him my life
If not to beat it and just survive

All from the start,
In his touch resided flames of fire
Which burn my body with desires
Moments that ceaselessly consume my heart

Time unfit to battle us
Space unable to stop us
Passion stronger than all fights,
Whilst he lightens my dark nights

Stars flaring with new intensity
Sky ruled by love, eminently
Love-sun rises every day and sets,
Sets on my true west; he’s the best.

His uncommon vocal notes,
His voice, my motivation, my inspiration
Only my tympanum interprets:
'Eternity is our destination'

Here I am,
Mind monopolized by a man
The best of all gentlemen,
I am lucky to be his woman

My heart unchained
From all the chains of restraint
I can easily put my love in words
Love has set me free

Freedom leading to immensities of eternity
Eternity, behind the curtains of time,
Where we'd go back and he'll still be mine
Together, stronger and forever

I truly love him, 
And am his forever. <3

   ~~ +Bill Dove 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The world we live in

                      People want to be great, have big offices, be elevated and glorified. They want to be superior to their peers and dominate them. They want to be feared, and feel special. Feelings in a flesh; not a pure substance which composes the man I am. It matters not to me. They see wealth and happiness as possessing one side of nature. But what about peace, human relation, and making social change! Genuine justice (equality in the face of the law) delights my mind. Social change rejoices my heart. My internal growth suffices my soul. Balance between my needs and wants shall stand relentless.

It does not mean that if you ignore me, I do not exist. I am a complete human; an inexorable mind filled with possibilities and  determination, a heart which bears dreams, passion, emotions and feelings: a mighty soul. I might stand hidden to you and forgotten by you. It matters less, for I am a mighty soul that can. I choose and change my own fate. To me, nothing comes neither too early nor too late! I am a spirited man. Tell me:

How long will you ignore the call to help the right that needs assistance?
Are we not not all human?
How long will you turn away from the wrong that needs resistance?
Is every life not worth the same?

How many deaths shall occur before a jury could convict a killer?
How many lives should be taken out before you could act lawfully and stricter?
How long does a man have to be homeless before you could offer him a shelter?
How many lives shall ail and suffer?
I guess they are to the world, just invisible.

How long shall women and infants cry to be delivered from violence?
How many liters of tears shall they drop before you could offer a helping hand?
How impossible is a world with no one alien and without race repugnance?
Could you possibly imagine a world where everyone peacefully cohabits and understands?
I hope no one stands alone and invisible
Come, take my hand.

But how many valuable acts does a man have to do to be called a saint?

Let each being become courageous and bold
Bold to stand up and fight for a better world
A world full of kindness, discipline and love
Where the floor wouldn't feel disregarded but valued like the ceiling above
Everyone has a purpose; every life has a meaning.

Give a chance to acceptance
Give a chance to common peace
Give a chance to justice and tolerance
Give a chance to love
Come, join in and fight the wrong to cease
I guess no one will ever be invisible

Because as departed water reunites behind a hand,
One day, all shall coexist, cohabit and unite
Perhaps in time we shall understand,
We all are equal; no one is a parasite to fight
But a compatriot to support, love and treat right

Be a candidate of a better world. 
This world is 'INNOCENCE'
Young, adult and old;
This world invites all to enter while we still can.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nature's eyes see all. She awaits with fully loaded hands. Fully loaded and ready to reward virtues and redress every wrong. Simply because she hates exceptions and monopolies. Let's all act right. 

~~ @Billdove7

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meeting with the unknown

When the mystery is so inexplicably overwhelming and beyond any human comprehension, blind obedience is the only available option.

I am afraid,
Undoubtedly scared.
I feel watched over,
Every time and everywhere.


I met a man the other day
I saw him somewhere yesterday,
I met him again today
I see him everyday.
He disappeared as fast as he appeared.
I now see him everywhere.

Behaving like the only hero
He makes me believe in a better tomorrow
His dictum leads me to live day by day
The star that lights my way

He never eats; still with me when I dine
Closer to him, he vanishes each and every time
Hard to tell what he needs
He is the ghost behind my eyelids

I saw a man the other day
I saw him yesterday
He stands right on my way.
I feel his presence everyday;
My skin tingles at his appearance.
Divined by his omnipresence,
He is the killer of my boredom,
The nameless champion.
He is my last friend and my first enemy.
My inaudible symphony.

I met a man yesterday.
I saw him again today.
I feel him here and there.
The darkness in my blinks,
He is everywhere.
This genderless figure,
Is the blundering oracle.
This shadowless creature,
Is the veritable miracle.

This transparent man,
He is the shadow on the edge of my every photo,
My unheralded hero
The shadow of things to come,
A friend in my lonely time.

The light that shines here to show,
Every imaginable dream I have to follow.
The doubtful future that opens into tomorrow
The only dark secret in my heart,
The only thing that makes me a genius or a retard
Trustworthy or worthless to disregard

The single doubt within my faith.
The author of my every wraith.
The last survival grip
The driver in my guilt trip.
The first and last second of my winning thought,
The footsteps sound that follows me in a parking lot.
The jittery crawling sensation across the back of my neck,
The self doubt in every decision I make.
The door to the lack of self-confidence,
He is the limits of my resilience.
He is every character that encloses myself in my writing,
He is the denial I hopelessly find myself in.
The one who stays with me until the very end.
He is THE DEFINITE ME that I still have to meet.
He is ME; ---self-doubt and self-belief.
He is simply ME

 ~~ +Bill Dove